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Old Meet New 1 Minute Projection Mapping Promotion


Shinjuku Station,





Projection Mapping Association of Japan

Colors Creation

Fadjar Kurnia ( Creative Director )

Fahry Aziz ( Co-Producer )

Darina Maulana ( Public Relation )

Alvinxki ( Illustrator & Animator )

Jessica Lovia ( Animator )

Rolly Anwari ( Music Designer )


PURR-SPECTIVE is a captivating journey that brings the audience to explore various dimensions of Tokyo. As we follow the curious cat, we discover not only the city's sights and sounds, but also its rich history, cultural nuances, and contemporary trends. Through its eyes, we embark on an adventure that offers a fresh perspective on Tokyo's unique blend of old-world charm and modern innovation. This immersive experience invites us to appreciate the city's adventurous visuals, odd looking environment, and authentic aspects, all while highlighting the social cohesion and the metropolitan hustle and bustle that define Tokyo's spirit. Ultimately, PURR-SPECTIVE inspires us to embrace our own journey, seek purpose, and pursue our passions with the same burning intensity as the people of Tokyo.

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Scene A_00233.png
Scene B_00413.png
Scene C_00680.png
Scene D_01377.png
Scene E_01544.png
Scene F_01965.png
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