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Arts Maebashi 2023


Gunma Ken Sosha,

Gunma, Japan




Arts Maebashi

Projection Mapping Association of Japan ( PMAJ ) 

Fadjar Kurnia ( Creative Director )

Fahry Aziz ( Co - Producer )

Ulummarch ( Illustrator )

Jessica Lovia ( Animator )

Rolly Anwari ( Music Designer )


Horizon Tales depicts a silent witness: the evolving vista of the environment as it transitions through the seasons, portrayed as a single droplet of water that drips, dips, and leaps across streams. This visual narrative captures the cyclical phases of life's journey, conveying the echoes of the past into the present, all while gazing into a future illuminated by precedent. Originating amidst mountainous landscapes, the dew resting upon the leaf descends, merging with the river's current. Emerging as a delicate line gracing the horizon, it stands embraced by the pulse of life. The droplets embark on an odyssey, adapting and evolving with the passage of time—morphing in hue and shape, surging through successive stages, gradually growing denser and harboring inner hues. As time unfolds, its pace decelerates, and the droplet takes on a luminous shimmer, exuding anticipation for an imminent radiance. Amidst this spectacle, a brilliant eruption signals the dawning of a new era. A realm with boundless expanse is envisioned, as the initially slender line progressively gains density, destined to be recognized as the New Horizon.

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